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IPG hosts, organizes, and promotes events and initiatives that connect global minds to tackle new challenges in today’s globalized world through culture, diplomacy, education, science, and art.¬†Join our network of globally minded IPG members to enjoy our events and activities. If you are interested in promoting or co-organizing your event with IPG, we are the most diversified and dynamic platform in the Washington metropolitan area, covering a broad range of areas such as cultural and embassy events, educational workshops and seminars, science and technology events, networking and social events, and much more. We look forward to new ideas and innovative partnerships.

Cultural and embassy events

Washington, D.C. is known for its dynamic and diverse cultural environment. IPG is dedicated to organizing and promoting multi-cultural festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, dance performances, food tastings and more. Washington, D.C. is also home to many different embassies. IPG takes advantage of this only-in-DC experience by organizing embassy events and walkthroughs featuring rich national and international cultures.


Educational workshops and seminars

Education is a continuous process which does not stop at grade school or college. International professionals who want to pursue their careers or move to the next level in Washington, D.C. need to stay abreast of the latest developments and learn new skills. IPG offers and promotes many seminars, lectures, and workshops that help international professionals in their career growth.



Science and technology events

Washington, D.C. hosts many of the nation’s leading science and engineering organizations, including colleges, universities, corporations, federal agencies, museums, research centers, and science societies. IPG organizes and promotes events that increase public awareness of the importance of science and STEM education. Many members of our group are international scholars, scientists, engineers, and IT experts leading cutting-edge technology and science projects.


Networking and social events

Washington, D.C. exists at the intersection of friendship and business. Networking is the foundation to success in all professional careers where getting ahead is as much about who you know as it is about what you know. IPG organizes and promotes different networking and social events where international professionals can extend their personal and professional circles. Join IPG and stay connected for long-term success and professional growth.